Periodontal disease prevention and treatment requires efficient and precise instruments that ensure high durability and rapid identification when needed.

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Excellent solutions for dental curettage

Today, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic emergency, the need for periodontal treatment is to contain the risk of airborne contamination by limiting the production of aerosols through classic curettage using hand instruments. MEDESY has unrivalled know-how in terms of raw material selection and manual instrument sharpening techniques and applies this expertise to all periodontal solutions.

Gracey NERISSIMO curettes

Constantly striving to optimise its instruments, MEDESY has developed NERISSIMO, the innovative line that includes a series of Gracey Curettes with DLC coating. This exclusive treatment guarantees the blade high hardness for consistent sharpness and precision over time, low coefficient of friction, corrosion resistance and optimal biocompatibility.



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Our Gracey Curette lines are manufactured from superior quality steel. The use of a special steel alloy allows us to create unique tools with an excellent sharpness that optimally resists wear and time, even with heavy use.

Ergonomics and curettage: choose your handle

For its Gracey Curettes, MEDESY has developed 5 different handle versions to offer each operator the ergonomic solution that best meets their habits and needs:

Stainless steel handle

Dalila design, with 8mm diameter hollow in classic stainless steel – for those who need a tactile feeling of stability;

C8 handle

Dalila design, 8mm diameter hollow in stainless steel with color identifier – for immediate identification of the correct tip;

Aluminium handle

Dalila design, 8mm, for a lighter instrument – ideal for prolonged operations;

Levante handle

designed by Pininfarina for maximum user comfort and ergonomics

Nerissimo handle

Dalila design, 8mm, in stainless steel with DLC coating, for exceptional stability and strength.

Immediate identifiability of the right curette

Organising every manual curettage operation in the best possible way means being able to rely on tools that support and optimise workflows.
Our line of Gracey curettes is equipped with an arrow-shape indicator, a laser-marked indicator in the handle that allows the operator to immediately identify the cutting edge of the instrument tip. This ensures that the position of the instrument is always in view at all times.
This ensures that the position of the instrument is always in view at all times.

Titanium instruments for maximum safety

The bacterial aggression observed in the neck of implants is similar to that present at the gum junction of the tooth. Professionals know that steel instruments can bacterially contaminate the titanium of implants and/or ruin them, while plastic instruments cannot guarantee the same results.
Our solution? Use pure titanium instruments for efficient and safe treatment management. MEDESY offers a line of instruments dedicated to this practice with tips made of 100% PURE TITANIUM, recognisable by their characteristic blue colouring, which is also useful for their immediate identification.

Periodontal Surgery: Excellent Instruments for the Tunnel Technique

Periodontal surgical practice requires instruments with specific shapes, thin and extremely delicate tips (blunt) so as not to damage the gingival tissue, but at the same time thin enough to allow proper detachment of the tissue flap to create the tunnel section.

MEDESY responds to this need with a triptych of instruments developed to gently detach the gingival walls: very thin tips for minimally traumatic detachment and blunted in the part in contact with the gingival pocket so as not to damage the tissue itself. Only skilful craftsmanship combined with the right know-how allows us to obtain instruments with this level of precision.

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