Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of malocclusions, restoring the correct alignment of the dental elements with benefits to aesthetics and the functions of breathing, chewing and phonation. MEDESY offers the practitioner a wide selection of high quality pliers, cutters and solutions, developed to improve performance and simplify every stage of treatment.

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Stability and durability

In orthodontics it is essential to be able to rely on pliers with a firm and precise grip, conferred by the stability and perfect alignment of the two upper tips. This is why MEDESY has developed BOX-JOINT, the innovative, highly reliable assembly system used in all Century 3000 pliers.

The BOX-JOINT system for orthodontic pliers

BOX-JOINT does not involve the use of a traditional rivet or pin, but a careful hot-assembly method in which one tip is inserted directly into the other. This gives MEDESY pliers exceptional stability, preventing prolonged use from loosening and compromising the grip, for superior efficiency and durability.


Optimising the workflow

Optimising the workflow means offering solutions that can best perform multiple functions, simplifying and decreasing the number of actions and tools required.

Century line

With the Century line of pliers, MEDESY has overcome this problem by designing instruments with a slimmer and less bulky design.
Thanks to their characteristic RHOMBUS DESIGN, these slim and compact forceps allow you to work with absolute precision and comfort even in the narrowest and most difficult-to-reach areas of the mouth.

Distal cutters: precise, reliable and always sharp

For a distal cutter, it is crucial to ensure optimum cutting and gripping performance, without requiring frequent sharpening.

The universal distal end cutter

That’s why we created 3000/69 TC: the universal distal end cutter that synthesises all our models in one tool and allows you to precisely cut both stainless steel and Ni-Ti wires up to 0.55 x 0.64 mm (.021″ x .025″) in diameter. Efficient and precise, it is available in 2 versions: with standard handle 3000/69 TC or with long handle 3000/69TC LL.

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Ergonomics and comfort even in the most complex operations

Orthodontic practice often requires operating in the back of the mouth, in spaces that reduce visibility and mobility, making each procedure more complex and tiring.

Targeted solutions

This is why we have enlarged our range with two targeted solutions: FLUSH! 3000/74 TC and 3000/76 TC, the new distal cutters that cut the wire close to the bracket, holding the offcuts firmly. Their tip is reinforced with Tungsten Carbide inserts, which guarantee effectiveness and reliability of the plier over time, minimising wear.

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Effective and safe management of work spaces

Between patients, orthodontists and assistants need to disinfect and store their instruments efficiently, quickly and tidily. To improve the management of the work area, MEDESY offers the GAMMAFIX 2-in-1 tray in addition to the classic pincer racks.

Vassoio Gammafix

Specially designed for orthodontics, it has all the features of our GAMMAFIX sterilisation trays, with the addition of a removable rack dedicated to drying freshly disinfected pliers. Once dry, it allows the pliers to be stored or reused quickly and neatly.

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Intraoral photos: documenting results at their best

In recent years, accurately documenting treatments and related achieved results, on aesthetic terms as well as on a medical level, has become a widespread practice, especially in the field of orthodontics. Conventions, lectures, speak, websites, require practitioners to take quality intraoral photos.

The new line of mirrors and contrast blades

To meet this need, we have developed a brand new line of mirrors and contrast blades. The mirrors are made of high quality polished stainless steel, highly resistant to wear and scratches. The contrast blades are made of anodised aluminium. Handy and functional, these solutions enhance the photographic results while minimising discomfort for the patient.

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Our Orthodontic products

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