Implantology is the dental discipline that deals with the installation and treatment of dental implants. It allows one or more compromised or lost dental elements to be replaced with titanium “artificial roots” which, by means of an osseointegration process, act as the basis for the application of a fixed prosthesis. Given the natural invasiveness of the discipline, MEDESY proposes a line of instruments that are highly performing in guaranteeing maximum precision, efficiency and safety during operations.

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Safety and comfort for the patient

In implantology, the need to rely on efficient and precise instruments is linked to the equally important need to ensure safe and as minimally invasive procedures for the patient. 


MEDOSS osteotome

This is why we have recently expanded and improved our entire range of osteotomes, which contribute to  making the implant treatment even less traumatic. An example? The new MEDOSS osteotome range: with its conical shape it facilitates penetration into the cavity.

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Immediate identification of the dental osteotome

During implantology procedures, simple and quick identification of the osteotome with the correct size is required in order to operate promptly and safely.
MEDESY has designed and implemented an enamelled fixed colour coding which is resistant to disinfectant solutions and does not discolour. In this way the right osteotome will be immediately recognisable, so avoiding the risk of mixing up and confusing different models and sizes.

Optimised autogenous bone harvesting and management

Using autogenous bone, as opposed to synthetic solutions, is always the best solution in terms of compatibility and healing for the patient.
MEDESY offers a complete range of bone instruments designed to precisely harvest autogenous bone, with solutions that avoid wasting organic material.

Biocompatibility and lightness for implantology

Efficiency, ergonomics, lightness and safety: necessary characteristics in a speciality requiring complex, durable and extremely precise operations.

Characteristics that MEDESY has implemented a line dedicated to implantology with extremely light, precise and biocompatible pure titanium products. An example? Our pliers and abutments, scissors, tweezers and microsurgical needle holders.

Our implantology products

Bone chisel with colour coding
Bone scraper
Bone curette and bone plugger
Bone injector
Bone injector with tab
Bone-collecting instrument
Titanium mini-tray
Bone mill
Wakefield bone chisel