Diagnostic tools accompany the dentist from the first approach to the patient. Making an initial diagnosis accurately and quickly is fundamental to conveying professionalism and organising an effective treatment plan. Thereafter, the diagnostic tools support the dentist at each follow-up visit, in the periodic evaluation of the patient and the therapeutic progress made.

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A comprehensive offer for maximum reliability over time

In order to meet the needs of dental professionals, MEDESY has developed a wide and complete line of solutions, capable of guaranteeing effectiveness and resistance even with frequent use. Discover our proposal: from mirror handles in different colours, materials, diameters and sizes, to a well-stocked range of probes, tweezers and mirrors dedicated to diagnostics.

Rhodium dental mirrors: scratch resistance and maximum visibility

In the diagnostic field, one of the needs that often arises is for scratch-resistant mirrors with a reflective surface that ensures a clear, well-defined image.

This is why MEDESY has expanded its offer with a line of rhodium-plated mirrors. Rhodium guarantees a much sharper image than the one reflected by classic flat mirrors, ensuring greater effectiveness and durability.

Dr. F. Comella's oral mirror

In response to the demand for mirrors that are practical to use, but also capable of offering excellent posterior view of the oral cavity, as well as being space-saving and minimal invasive, MEDESY has patented Dr. Comella’s Mirror: Drop Shape Mirror. Dr. Comella’s drop shape mirror is rhodium-plated and formed from a one-piece, weldless stem, which guarantees strength and durability even when used as a retractor.
Now a classic, it is now also available in the NERISSIMO version, with a DLC cover, elegant and even more resistant.

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Periodontal probes: reliability, readability and accuracy

Periodontal probes are instruments that are as simple as they are essential for making correct diagnoses. This is why MEDESY has developed its probes to ensure maximum reliability, measurement accuracy and immediate readability at all times.

In addition, we have recently expanded our offering to include a new line of DLC tips and a line of plastic probes, both with perfectly calibrated scale markings and excellent readability.

Diagnostic kit: everything you need at your fingertips!

Gestire lo strumentario in modo efficiente e sicuro è un passo essenziale nell’ottimizzazione dei flussi di lavoro di cliniche e studi. MEDESY ha ideato un kit diagnostico che include tutti gli strumenti essenziali per eseguire una prima diagnosi precisa ed esaustiva. Il kit, composto da strumenti garantiti dalla qualità MEDESY, è racchiuso nel vassoio GAMMAFIX che grazie al suo sistema di bloccaggio sicuro garantisce che le pinze all’interno siano mantenute in ordine e perfettamente allineate. In questo modo il kit può essere maneggiato in tutta sicurezza, gli strumenti sono sempre ben organizzati e pronti all’uso.

Diagnostic kit

Our diagnostic products

Stainless steel mirror handle
First visit kit
Dr. Comella mirror
Cotton and dressing tweezers
Plane mirror
Periodontal probe with explorer
Double-sided mirror
Who probe
Single-tip explorer
Williams probe