Precision of intervention, micro-invasiveness and reliability of the procedures are fundamental aspects in the treatment and recovery of the original dental elements.
MEDESY solutions dedicated to conservative dentistry and endodontics meet these requirements with a range of high-quality, targeted instruments.

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Safety of the surgical field: the dental dam kit

In addition to protecting the patient’s airway from any material that may be inhaled and ingested during treatment, the dental dam is – now more than ever – essential for keeping the operating area isolated, reducing contamination and providing a clean and safe operating field

The dental dam kit

We have created our Dental Dam Kit with everything you need to install the dam correctly and safely. In addition, we offer a series of video tutorials that illustrate the most commonly used dam installation techniques in a simple and concise manner. From today the kit is also available in a GAMMAFIX with black silicone.

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Effective and easy-to-clean composite instruments

In daily dental practice, there is a need for easy-to-clean composite instruments that do not get damaged when trying to remove residues of solidified materials.

Composite instruments: Titanium Nitride coated tips

Our composite instrument line is available in the precious TiN variant featuring Titanium Nitride coated tips.
This coating reduces the risk of material adhesion to the instrument itself, thus making modelling easier, facilitating cleaning and making the instruments last longer.

composite instruments

Advanced tools for targeted responses to everyday needs

During the root canal procedure, it can happen that the tiny sharp files used for the procedure break off and get stuck in the root canals. The need for dentists is to have instruments capable of recovering these fragments.
MEDESY has developed a specially designed forceps with an extremely fine tip (0.8 mm in diameter) that allows it to penetrate deep into the canal. The knurling is designed to grip the fragments firmly, while the special rivet prevents the tips from overlapping.

Pluggers and spreaders for endodontics: reliable, calibrated and recognisable

In order to offer increasingly reliable, calibrated and recognisable pluggers and spreaders, MEDESY has improved its entire range to ISO coded sizes, equipping them with even more precise and durable tips, and a coloured ring to immediately identify the most appropriate size to use.