Wire bending plier

Universal wire bending plier for use in the dental laboratory. Special materials and finishes make it strong and durable. Tip serrated on the inside for a better grip Can be used with wires up with ø of up to 0.7 mm.

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Quality of materials and research for ever better products!

The work of our R&D department never stops; we select the best materials for you and conduct ongoing market research to improve the performance of our products.

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BOX-JOINT system: stability over time

The BOX-JOINT system for orthodontic pliers and cutters does not require the use of the traditional rivet or pin, but it is realized by an accurate and sophisticated hand crafted process, during which one tip is inserted directly into the other. This gives the MEDESY pliers and cutters exceptional stability, preventing prolonged use from loosening and compromising grip, for superior efficiency and durability.

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