Utility plier

Medesy Orthodontic Auxiliary Pliers are also part of our excellent Century Line range of pliers. Various models of Weingart and How are available, as many others in the range, without the central rivet. Our pliers are produced with the Box-Joint system, which guarantees maximum efficiency even after many uses. FInd out more here below.

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Century Line, excellence in orthodontics.

A superior quality range of pliers, cutters and distals signed by Medesy.

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45° angled
ø max 0,7 mm / .028" For easier access to the back
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ø max 0,7 mm / .028" Round and serrated tip, suitable for positioning and removing arches
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ø max 0,7 mm / .028" Fine serrated tips
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ø max 0,5 mm / .020" Fine tips
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3000/25 TC
ø max 0,5 mm / .020" Angled conical tip, suitable for positioning and removing arches
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BOX-JOINT system: stability over time

The BOX-JOINT system for orthodontic pliers and cutters does not require the use of the traditional rivet or pin, but it is realized by an accurate and sophisticated hand crafted process, during which one tip is inserted directly into the other. This gives the MEDESY pliers and cutters exceptional stability, preventing prolonged use from loosening and compromising grip, for superior efficiency and durability.

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