Tweezers for pins and abutments

Pins, fragments and attachments are very small parts that can fall out and are often very difficult to pick up. Our titanium micro-tweezers are small, light and minimally invasive. They succeed in reaching areas inaccessible to other types of tweezers, and their flawless knurling ensures a perfect grip.

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Quality of materials and research for ever better products!

The work of our R&D department never stops; we select the best materials for you and conduct ongoing market research to improve the performance of our products.

ø 1,8-2,0 mm tip
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ø 1,8-2,0 mm tip
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Pure titanium

A line of instruments made of pure titanium, ideal for use during invasive and precision practices such as microsurgery, periodontal surgery and in the treatment/cleaning of dental implants. Titanium: resistant, lightweight, biocompatible with the human body, reduces the bacterial risk if in contact with titanium implants.



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