Titanium universal curette

Double edged blades, gentleness and super-effectiveness are the strengths of Medesy’s pure titanium universal curettes. Highly recommended for use with dental implants to facilitate perfect cleaning of the surrounding areas and without damaging the implants themselves.

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Sharpened to perfection… even in the titanium version!

Our craftsmen sharpen the curettes manually one by one and succeed very well in treating even a material as difficult to work with as titanium. This is the only way possible to obtain an effective instrument that maintains its performance over time, with a blade that does not require frequent sharpening.

Columbia 4R/4L
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Langer 1/2
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Dalila: Improve your work, in every way

Innovative design, excellent manufacturing and high quality materials, our exclusive Dalila handle guarantees maximum precision thanks to a more comfortable and firm grip. Available in different versions and sizes, it has been developed to allow easier instrument cleaning and more effective sterilization.

  • High design and great quality
  • Stable grip for maximum precision
  • Available in different versions and sizes
  • Optimises cleaning and sterilisation procedures
Scopri Dalila

Pure titanium

A line of instruments made of pure titanium, ideal for use during invasive and precision practices such as microsurgery, periodontal surgery and in the treatment/cleaning of dental implants. Titanium: resistant, lightweight, biocompatible with the human body, reduces the bacterial risk if in contact with titanium implants.

The benefits of Rhodium

The mirror polished rhodium cover ensures a much lighter and more defined image than the one reflected by traditional mirrors. It also increases the resistance of the tool and reduces the risk of scratches on the surface.
Discover the MEDESY Drop Shape patent, designed in collaboration with Dr. Comella, our popular mirror that, thanks to its particular drop shape, makes the image of the dental arch even clearer and wider, also in the back of the mouth.

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