Set for dental prosthesis

Medesy dental prosthesis set, available as a version for mobile prostheses and one for fixed prostheses. Designed with everything organised into practical zipped pouches ready for when it is needed.

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Order and organisation in the laboratory

Essential for efficiency and for saving time.

Instruments organised and ready for use

Everything it takes to make dental prostheses ready when you need it.

Available in two sets

One for mobile dental prostheses (REF 2105/SET), one for fixed prostheses (REF 2100/SET).

Handy zip pouch

Your instruments are organised and secure.

Content modified upon request

Contact us to modify or compose the kit or set according to your preferences! We are here to serve you.

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What will you find inside?

Click on the set you are interested in and discover the instruments included!

583/1.AL Modeling instrument, aluminium
583/2.AL Modeling instrument, aluminium
583/3.AL Modeling instrument, aluminium
583/4.AL Modeling instrument, aluminium
583/5.AL Modeling instrument, aluminium
3511 Surgical scissors, Iris straight
1519 Forceps Halstead Mosquito
1024 Cotton tweezers, Meriam
3633 Scalpel handle N. 3
596 Modeling instrument, Hylin
594 Modeling instrument, Hylin
575/1 Ceramic sculpting instrument
575/2 Ceramic sculpting instrument
575/3 Ceramic sculpting instrument

588 Wax and modeling instrument, Le Cron
593 Wax and modeling instrument, Zahle
592 Wax and modeling instrument, Zahle
202 Wax knife Fahnenstock
206 Wax knife Lessmann
201 Wax knife Fahnenstock
214 Wax knife Gritmann
221 Soldering tweezers, straight
1519 Ligature forceps, Halstead Mosquito
3511 Surgical scissors, Iris straight
3522 Crown and gold scissors, saw edge
3633 Scalpel handle N 3
4981 Caliper Iwanson
2810 Wire bending pliers, universal