Screw-type fragment extractor

Manual extractors for root fragments are high precision instruments, extremely thin and user-friendly. The working portion features a spiral shape and has a very sharp tip conceived for smoothly piercing into the fragment, a simple clockwise rotation of the extractor will enable a secure anchoring and a smooth extraction from the alveolus.

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Millimetric precision

Infallibly reliable, even with the smallest fragments!

Ergonomic finger rest

The handle adapts perfectly to the shape of the fingertips, making for a firmer, safer grip.

Accurately sharpened point and spiral

The active part of the instrument consists of a spiral with a very pointed end designed to penetrate the root fragment to be extracted; it is fabricated using cutting-edge technologies.

Available in two sizes

Our fragment extractors are available in the Short 34 mm (REF 7500/20) version and the Long 44 mm (REF 7500/22) version.

Remember to tie the extractor with a thread!

Given the small size of the instrument, we recommend tying the extractor with a thread for safety reasons.

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Attention: the device is completely autoclavable but, for the total safety of the patient, given the delicacy of the instrument and the invasiveness of the operations that can be performed, we recommend that it be used only once.

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