Pluggers iso sized

Our pluggers are fine, flat and well-finished. Their slightly conical shape is useful for vertically condensing and compacting the root canal filling material. A coloured ring easily identifies their ISO size.

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Quality of materials and research for ever better products!

The work of our R&D department never stops; we select the best materials for you and conduct ongoing market research to improve the performance of our products.

ISO 100
ø 1,0 mm
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ISO 120
ø 1,2 mm
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ISO 30
ø 0,3 mm
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ISO 40
ø 0,4 mm
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ISO 50
ø 0,5 mm
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ISO 60
ø 0,6 mm
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ISO 80
ø 0,8 mm
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Dalila: Improve your work, in every way

Innovative design, excellent manufacturing and high quality materials, our exclusive Dalila handle guarantees maximum precision thanks to a more comfortable and firm grip. Available in different versions and sizes, it has been developed to allow easier instrument cleaning and more effective sterilization.

  • High design and great quality
  • Stable grip for maximum precision
  • Available in different versions and sizes
  • Optimises cleaning and sterilisation procedures

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