Periotome with Dalila handle

Medesy has summarized in two double-pointed instruments, with 8 mm DALILA handle, its 4 interchangeable blades already proposed in our best seller REF 868/KIT, the periotome kit. These new versions are the best choice for all professionals who prefer to perform with mounted instruments, immediately ready to use.

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The periotome is a cutting instrument!

It is important to remember that the periotome is not an elevator, but a cutting instrument! We always recommend using the periotome only for performing delicate tissue detachments; its very thin blades are not designed to withstand stresses such as elevating and leveraging.

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TC inserts: high performances over time

Placed by electro-welding made with the most modern technologies on the tips of cutting tools or on instruments requiring an excellent grip, tungsten carbide inserts give maximum resistance to wear from rubbing and daily use. The instruments are efficient, reliable, maintaining their characteristics over time.

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