Periosteal elevator h02

The H02 periosteal elevator model consists of two blades that are similar in shape, rounded and perfectly sharp, one larger (7.0mm) and one smaller (5.0mm) to offer the most suitable size for the type of situation being faced. The tips are securely welded to the flattened version of the DALILA handle without burrs: stability and unerring grip

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The ideal handle

MEDESY’s R&D department has designed the perfect combo of functionality, grip, and practicality for cleaning and sterilisation by making the best handle, branded DALILA, for detaching mucoperiosteal tissues and retracting the soft tissue after incision of gingival tissue in the most precise and minimally invasive manner possible.

7,0 mm – 5,0 mm
Large tip 7.0 mm, small tip 5.0 mm
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Dalila: Improve your work, in every way

Innovative design, excellent manufacturing and high quality materials, our exclusive Dalila handle guarantees maximum precision thanks to a more comfortable and firm grip. Available in different versions and sizes, it has been developed to allow easier instrument cleaning and more effective sterilization.

  • High design and great quality
  • Stable grip for maximum precision
  • Available in different versions and sizes
  • Optimises cleaning and sterilisation procedures