Periodontal microsurgery kit

One of the most prestigious products in the entire Medesy range is our kit 1671/7 which contains a selection of very light, biocompatible pure titanium instruments which guarantee excellent performance, particularly during microsurgery and periodontal microsurgery.

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Complete kits for every treatment!

Scroll down and discover the reasons for choosing our kits which are carefully pre-selected for you by dental professionals!

A complete selection of instruments!

To assist professionals in their choice of models, MEDESY offers the option of pre-selecting instruments in collaboration with esteemed dental professionals with whom we often collaborate.

What you will find in this kit:

1141 Titanium micro-tweezers, curved
1971 Titanium micro-scissors, curved
2012 Titanium micro-needle-holder, curved
3638/Ti Titanium handle for micro-blades
3638/69 Micro-blades No. 69, pack of 25 (not in photo)
851/HP3 Periosteal elevator HP3
871/2-4 Molt periosteal elevator
980/10 Gammafix Tre tray

All the practicality of the GAMMAFIX tray

Our GAMMAFIX trays by MEDESY feature high quality and functionality; they are specifically designed to facilitate the handling of instruments with maximum safety and to guarantee sterilisation that is safe for the patient but does not damage the instrument itself.

Content can be modified upon request

Contact us to modify or compose the kit or set according to your preferences! We are here to serve you.

Micro periodontal surgery kit
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