P.k. thomas modelling kit

The P.K. Thomas 583.AL line of instruments has had a recent revamp. The instrument tips have been redesigned following the shapes of the original models. Now they are finer and more accurate for even better modelling. Compared to the previous line (581), the colours on the anodised aluminium version have been updated to be closer to the original sequence devised by Dr Thomas.

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Dalila design even in the laboratory

Perfect grip and easy to clean.

Tips even better suited to modelling

Recently redesigned: now even smaller and more accurate.

Handle with DALILA design

A unique, iconic design, designed to ensure a safer, more comfortable grip, faster cleaning.

Aluminium handle

Very light and coloured.

Also available with 6 mm ø stainless steel handle

Slender and compact.

Stainless steel handle
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Aluminium handle
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Dalila: Improve your work, in every way

Innovative design, excellent manufacturing and high quality materials, our exclusive Dalila handle guarantees maximum precision thanks to a more comfortable and firm grip. Available in different versions and sizes, it has been developed to allow easier instrument cleaning and more effective sterilization.

  • High design and great quality
  • Stable grip for maximum precision
  • Available in different versions and sizes
  • Optimises cleaning and sterilisation procedures

What will you find inside?

Click on the kit you are interested in and discover the instruments included!

583/1 P.K. Thomas N. 1
583/2 P.K. Thomas N. 2
583/3 P.K. Thomas N. 3
583/4 P.K. Thomas N. 4
583/5 P.K. Thomas N. 5
977 Gammafix tray

583/1.AL P.K. Thomas N. 1
583/2.AL P.K. Thomas N. 2
583/3.AL P.K. Thomas N. 3
583/4.AL P.K. Thomas N. 4
583/5.AL P.K. Thomas N. 5
977 Gammafix tray

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