Medesy - Oringer mouth gag

Comfortable and effective, the MEDESY-ORINGER mouth gag is ideal for holding the mouth open by supporting the cheeks for better access to distal areas.

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Maximum comfort for the patient

Guaranteed efficacy for the practitioner, while never forgetting comfort for the patient.

High-quality stainless steel

MEDESY exclusively uses only materials of the highest quality. The steels we use are carefully selected according to the function that the final instrument is intended to perform, so as to guarantee that dentists will be able to offer the best possible performance during their procedures.

Protective caps at the ends

For maximum patient comfort

Chrome-plated finish

Resistant to wear and tear and autoclave sterilisation cycles.

Three sizes available

40 x 105 mm, 50 x 110 mm and 60 x 115 mm.+

40x105 mm
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50x110 mm
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60x115 mm
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