Left-handed surgical scissors

It is always rather uncomfortable for left-handed people to use an ordinary scissors, as it is an asymmetrical instrument. If a traditional scissors is used correctly with the right hand, the blade moving downwards is controlled by the thumb and therefore remains closer to the user’s body, following the natural tendency of the hand movement to squeeze the blades together to facilitate cutting. On the other hand, if the scissors are rotated so that they are held with the left hand, the hand would tend to force the blades outward, which would inhibit the cutting ability. In the latter case, the blade closest to the body would also move upwards covering the cutting line and making it difficult to use the instrument. For these reasons, we believe it is important to produce scissors specifically for left-handed people.

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The most popular models of scissors are available for left-handed people too!

The scissors of the most popular models: IRIS, LA GRANGE, GOLDMAN-FOX, and JOSEPH in a version reserved for professionals who need to make cuts using their left hand. All the quality and effectiveness of MEDESY products guaranteed even for left-handed dentists.

115 mm
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145 mm
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130 mm
Micro-fine saw edge, curved tip
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