Gammafix cinc sterilization tray with rack

All the advantages of our GAMMAFIX trays combined with the convenience of the plier holder: a very useful combo to simplify the procedure of preparing tools in the orthodontic clinic. Easy to assemble, it is perfect to always have all the pliers and cutters in order and ready for the next use.

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Order and organization for the orthodontic clinic

Synonymous with efficiency and time savings.

Practical and easy to assemble

For any doubt, check the tutorial on our YouTube channel.

All the practicality of the GAMMAFIX tray

Our GAMMAFIX trays by MEDESY feature high quality and functionality; they are specifically designed to facilitate the handling of instruments with maximum safety and to guarantee sterilisation that is safe for the patient but does not damage the instrument itself.

High-quality stainless steel

MEDESY exclusively uses only materials of the highest quality. The steels we use are carefully selected according to the function that the final instrument is intended to perform, so as to guarantee that dentists will be able to offer the best possible performance during their procedures.

Atoxis silicone inserts

They allow to keep the pliers in place and in safety.

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