First visit kit

Our diagnostics kit, also known as the first visit kit, comprises everything needed for a flawless initial assessment of the state of the patient’s health: truly a must-have that no dental practice can do without.

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High quality instruments even in the diagnostic phase

The quality of the diagnostic instruments is important for making prompt assessments and then being able to proceed with subsequent procedures and operations effectively.

A complete selection of instruments!

To assist professionals in their choice of models, MEDESY offers the option of pre-selecting instruments in collaboration with esteemed dental professionals with whom we often collaborate.

What you will find in this kit:

1024 Meriam tweezers
4905/8 Handle with mirror #5
548/4 Probe CP15
560/2 Double-ended explorer 23/17
978 Gammafix tray UN

All the practicality of the GAMMAFIX tray

Our GAMMAFIX trays by MEDESY feature high quality and functionality; they are specifically designed to facilitate the handling of instruments with maximum safety and to guarantee sterilisation that is safe for the patient but does not damage the instrument itself.

Content can be modified upon request

Contact us to modify or compose the kit or set according to your preferences! We are here to serve you.

Diagnostic kit
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