Dr Comella's tooth forceps

Dr Comella’s forceps have been specifically developed for the extraction and removal of roots and root fragments of the third molar, even those that are horizontally impacted or mesioverted. In dental practice, extraction of the impacted third molar, whether upper or lower, remains one of the most delicate procedures and requires absolute precision. After the crown is milled, the tooth is divided into two parts: mesial and distal. The mesial part is accessible and easy to extract, while the distal part is less accessible. The special feature of this forceps is that it makes it possible to extract even those roots that are less accessible with the aid of traditional instruments; specifically, the use of elevators can cause lacerations of the adjacent soft tissues with involvement (in the most extreme cases) of the lingual nerve. Dr Comella’s forceps offer a sure grip, preserving the adjacent tissues (protected by an International Patent).

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A unique instrument!

Designed in collaboration with professionals who are faced with problems in the field, every day.

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Blade Beaks

The Blade Beaks line of extraction forceps has a special design that makes them much slimmer, less bulky and more precise during extractions. The grip is extraordinary thanks to a special knurling of the tip. All Blade Beaks forceps are equipped with an ergonomic handle that guarantees maximum comfort and grip also in the handle.


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Blade Beaks tooth forceps