Cheek, tongue and chin retractor

Weider cheek and tongue retractors, medium or large version, and Obwegeser chin retractor and Bruenings tongue depressors available in the MEDESY range. All models are finished to the finest detail and are effective and safe for displacing tissue during surgery by improving access to the oral cavity.

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The stainless steel guarantee

Satin-finished stainless steel retractors, highly resistant during use and highly resistant to sterilisation cycles.

Rounded edges

No sharp edges so as to prevent injury to tissue

Various sizes and models available

Discover all the models offered by MEDESY below!

High-quality stainless steel

MEDESY exclusively uses only materials of the highest quality. The steels we use are carefully selected according to the function that the final instrument is intended to perform, so as to guarantee that dentists will be able to offer the best possible performance during their procedures.

Satin finish

They withstand autoclave cycles perfectly.

Choose your favourite model

130 mm
30 mm tip
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140 mm
35 mm tip
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150x22x8 mm
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190 mm
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