Gentle bend for incisors and canines For the removal of sub-gingival calculus and for the root cleaning. Gracey curettes are the most popular and common, less traumatic than the Universal type. They are site specific as they are designed and assorted to adapt to the specific area or tooth surface to be treated. The blade of the Gracey curette is off set from the terminal shank at 70° and sharped only in one side. 1-2 for Anteriors. Stainless steel handle diameter 8 mm. The Rigid type curette has a thicker and less flexible shank than a Standard Gracey. Mostly used combined with a scaler for heavier calculus removal. With one edge lower than the other, used at 70° to the tooth root surface. Site specific: only one side of each blade (lower cutting edge) can cut.
RIGID TYPE: larger and less flexible stem compared to the traditional Gracey for operations that normally require the use of scalers.