Medesy CommitDent

The World health is our health

We are one, we live in one world and we have a collective health
A better world begins with each of us every day, if we all take care of the environment we will improve the life and health of each single human being.

Environment CommitDent

Medesy philosophy

Medesy has always adopted an eco-friendly philosophy and constantly proves its commitment to nature and environment themes minimizing the impact in all the working phases and by implementing the following steps:

  • Product quality: thanks to the high quality standard our instruments last longer and therefore have a lower impact on the environment
  • Recycling: paper and plastic as well as other kind of materials are recycled during all production phases
  • Packaging: all sort of packaging material comes 100% from recycled sources and is fully recyclable
  • Production resources: we have ambitious objectives with the purpose of reducing the consumption of the resources, such as water and energy, needed for manufacturing
  • Trees: Medesy since its birth has kept reserving part of the company soil as a nursery for trees and plants. 500 trees ( hornbeams, white ashes and maple) were planted in the old company garden; a wider project is foreseen for the new location, a full green area will be retained for a larger number of plants and for garden pets.

Social CommitDent


Medesy is committed to maintain a fair and thoroughly responsible behaviour in all business and working transactions, whereby the company has chosen to base all its commercial partnerships and cooperation in compliance with the values of honesty, transparency and respect.

Humanitarian CommitDent


Social and humanitarian solidarity is also one of the main beliefs of the Company and is performed in many different ways, through charity donations and financing social-leisure activities for the community, particularly those aimed at creating opportunities for young people.

Person CommitDent


The above core values are Medesy guide lines in all its daily actions and in all sort of interpersonal relation, especially with its working staff. Great respect and valorisation of each single employee and the implementation of special employment practices ensure a better working atmosphere where the single person feels highly esteemed and inspired. Equally each Medesy employee performs his daily tasks with a sincere and respectful approach in the relations with all customers and partners, a clear proof of our moral integrity and company values.