548 line

Our periodontal probes 548/-PT  line has been revamped by adding a technical DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating on the tips, which offers numerous advantages (read all about the benefits of DLC coating here). The main features of this new line are:

▷ High reading contrast thanks to the dark colouring of the DLC
▷ Rounded tip to avoid trauma
▷ Accurate millimeter scale markings realized by laser
▷ Atraumatic scale non-grooved for a smooth transition
▷ DLC does not discolour and perfectly resists to sterilization cycles.
▷ 548 new line will include the following models conforming to universal standards: CP12 – CP11 – CP12 UNC – CP15 UNC – Who – CP22 – Williams

In particular, model 548/3PT (and 548/3 with laser marks) has been completely revised from the previous model. The metric scale now complies with the CP12 UNC (University of North Carolina) model. Moreover 548/1PT (and 548/1 with laser marks) has now a different end than the old model.

Download here the brochure!