600 years of tradition

MEDESY fully embodies the tradition of Maniago blacksmith art: six centuries of excellence in the processing of cutting tools and in the creation of the highest quality blades, a superior knowledge which has led to the birth of a highly specialized district. This is our history, the reality we live in and the culture we have treasured. A tradition of artisanal techniques, skills, and processes that today MEDESY applies to the production of increasingly efficient and innovative tools, highly appreciated all over the world for their cutting quality, precision and reliability over time.

Maniago: the city of cutlery

From the Renaissance to nowadays, Maniago has been the country of steel processing. A centuries-old tradition – from the production of weapons for the Republic of Venice to those of the scene for Hollywood films – which has seen Maniago establish itself as an international center of excellent cutlery. In recent decades, the historical skills of Maniago blacksmiths have adapted to the needs of an increasingly demanding market. Diversification and specialization were the essential keys for a successful approach to the new challenges. Today Maniago industrial district boasts a precious know-how, with worldwide leading companies, specialized in sectors such as cutlery, surgical instruments, or turbine blades.


A long tradition


Iron working in Maniago
Nicolussio is mentioned in historical documents as a ‘blacksmith’ and is therefore considered as the 1st blacksmith of Maniago. However, evidence on the production of blades was already widespread in Roman times.


Arms for the Venetian Republic
The first “battiferro” begins to work in Maniago with the authorization of the Serenissima Republic of Venice granted to Count Nicolò di Maniago, less than fifty years later the construction of weapons for the Republic of Venice begins.


The city of cutlery
The creation of weapons and blades is soon integrated by new productions of increasingly precise and functional tools.This involves a further evolution and specialization of the artisan workshops, to the point that Maniago is identified as “the city of cutlery”.


The beginnings of Medesy
The beginnings of Medesy are to be found in the first drawings of pliers and needle holders made by a very young Guglielmo Ghezzi.


A modern production district
Production district grows and specializes in Maniago renewing product lines and including specific modern machineries. The production reality is made up of 200 artisan companies, 15 medium-sized companies and 4 industrial companies.


The definitive name
The company takes its current name: “Medesy”, a crucial step in the path to establish itself internationally.


A brand-new logo
Medesy inaugurates the birth of its iconic double-bladed logo, a tribute to the sector of specialization but also to the tradition of the district that saw it born.


New markets
Medesy is the first Italian company to take part in AEEDC DUBAI, the second most important world fair in the dental sector.


COMELLA mirror
Thanks to the collaboration with Dr. Comella, the exclusive COMELLA DROP MIRROR is patented, destined to be very successful thanks to its design that enhances its functionality and compactness.


The famous DALILA handle is designed and realized, redefining the concept of handles dedicated to dentistry.


Unicredit award
Unicredit gives Medesy the “OK ITALIA” award, the exclusive recognition reserved for the best Italian companies that have achieved excellent results.


Un nuova sede
The company inaugurates the new headquarters of 5,000 square meters located in a large area of over 20,000 square meters. The new establishment can now include new latest generation machinery and can also internalize the artisan workshops in order to ensure maximum control, greater efficiency and the highest production standards.


From the collaboration with the creative genius of the PININFARINA studio, LEVANTE is born, the new MEDESY line that expresses the perfect meeting point between design, functionality, and ergonomics.


MEDESY expands and becomes a group by acquiring LEADER, a 3rd generation company from Maniago, specialized in the production of professional scissors for hairdressers and hair stylists.


The COMELLA SPATULA is launched, designed by Dr. Comella at the beginning of his career and perfected in over 30 years of work, this spatula responds to the needs of flexibility and functionality by optimizing every aspect of the modeling practice.


The new born from MEDESY research, NERISSIMO a line of dental instruments treated with the innovative DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) finish: the special biocompatible coating that guarantees extraordinary qualities of resistance, precision, and reliability over time.