New Line

Extremely fine and high performing cutting instruments, entirely laser cut from a special stainless steel which grants an elevated sharpness degree as well as precise cutting accuracy, excellent durability and improved shock resistance.

MEDESY High-Tech selection of scissors has been recently enlarged and enriched with a brand-new entry, the exclusive BLACK LINE variant. The High-Tech scissors are now available also with the special DIAMOND LIKE CARBON Coating, otherwise referred to as DLC coating, a thin film applied to a product in order to provide the beneficial properties commonly associated with diamonds, such as hardness, chemical and scratch resistance and low friction coefficient, plus exceptional protection against wear of moving parts while maintaining full ductility. Thanks to these features the performance and life span of the scissors is considerably increased.
The screw in yellow identifies the Titanium nitride coating, a small detail but essential since it enables the joint to work smoothly lowering the friction factor.
Direct use on human tissues and biological material means that surgical instruments have to comply with regulations and fulfil expectations of quality, consistency and safety, DLC coating features a 100% biological compatibility and therefore performs a dual role protecting the device and the patient.