New selection of trays!

MEDESY style: Design Elegance & High Precision of all details.

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We take pleasure in presenting you our new video showing our exclusive line of sterilizing trays, as you will see all the production steps are carried out with precision and accuracy aiming at achieving a superior product.

Let us remind you some of the features and advantages you will experience using our GAMMAFIX TRAYS:

Thanks to GAMMAFIX trays you will be able to reduce the preparation time as they could be organized in handy and practical set ups, avoiding the dangerous and expensive manual sorting of instruments. Their special shape allows an extremely safe handling of the surgical instruments during the washing and sterilization phases.

The exclusive locking system, practical and easy to use, keeps the tray perfectly closed in all conditions. The open corners facilitate the outflow of water and residuals thus reducing the drying time.

Choose among our new line of 7 beautiful colours for the silicon ranging elements, specifically developed for medical purpose, fully non-toxic for the safest use and long duration in time.



Happy holidays!