MEDESY "Drop Shape" mirror!

The mirror is an indispensable tool for inspecting the oral cavity, soft tissues, anterior and posterior teeth and for all kind of odontology treatment. An improvement to these standard procedures has been achieved with the introduction of our “Drop Shape” mirror, developed in collaboration with the Italian specialist Dr Fabrizio Comella, which facilitates the control of the soft tissues, better protects the tongue wall and above all if offers a larger view of the superior molar portion and of the oral cavity in general. Furthermore the elongated “Drop Shape” guarantees a wider reflection surface and therefore a major visibility of the oral cavity (Protected by International Patent). MEDESY brand new version of the COMELLA MIRROR and its “Drop Shape” is now available, we take pleasure in illustrating the improvements applied to the product:

  • A refined new design with smooth and modern lines.
  • Produced using the latest and most sophisticated manufacturing techniques such laser cutting.
  • The mirror is manufactured as one-single piece, the stem is no longer welded to the shell.
  • The entire mirror is about 30% thinner compared to the former version and therefore less minimally invasive in the oral cavity.
  • Total absence of sharp edges, all parts are finely rounded for major comfort of the patient.
  • The stem has been redesigned, significantly larger than in the former version, it ensures a better control of the soft tissues when used as a retractor.
  • Only available as Rhodium surface and boxes of 6 pieces instead of 12 pieces.
  • ONLY AVAILABLE IN RHODIUM offering an extremely clear and defined view by eliminating the reflection problem typical of traditional mirrors.

The mirror and the exclusive “Drop Shape” are not the only one that have been redesigned and improved. MEDESY Research & Development Department was able to upgrade also the great and exclusive DALILA HANDLE (Protected by International Patent) and all its qualities. The new MEDESY HANDLE 4905/8: More elegant and modern lines for the new MEDESY handle, a restyled linear and well-balanced profile gives a touch of lightness to the product, manufactured with premium quality new kinds of stainless steel. This DALILA handle has been realized to ensure:
  • A more comfortable and secure grip
  • Original and ergonomic design
  • Fast cleaning
  • Easy sterilization



Merry Christmas from MEDESY Team!