Century Line

Top quality in orthodontics.

Century Line by MEDESY: pure classic style, yet technologically advanced

One of the most beautiful orthodontic lines on the market, featuring elegance of forms through its original Rhombus Design and a superior level of quality. The perfect balance between fine design and high performance is reached through the combination of premium stainless steel used for the production with an outstanding manufacturing know-how.
Have a look at our special Box-Joint System, compared with classic standard rivet pliers, a flawless mechanism which ensures stability and alignment for a much longer time. MEDESY pliers stay in perfect conditions despite prolonged use and enable the dentist to reach highest performance standards with the minimum effort. Tungsten Carbide (TC) inserts on heads of cutters and of utility pliers provide a superior cutting degree and reinforce the working tips.
Discover more on our general catalogue under section orthodontics, a complete range of multipurpose pliers, cutters and accessories stay at your disposal for improving your daily work --> https://www.medesy.it/en/product-category/orthodontics/
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