At MEDESY, we take EFFICIENCY and better COMFORT seriously. Fast reacting to the increasing demand for innovation and high quality standards we keep on improving our instruments to offer you the BEST ALWAYS. We are proud to introduce you our new MEDESYJECT intraligamental syringe where almost every single feature has been upgraded.

  • A fully new ergonomic design gives a touch of elegance and lightness of forms, accuracy of details like the finger rest pad on the lever which allows stable handling and precision as well as unparalleled control of the injection anaesthetic micro-dosage (0,06ml each click).

  • The manufacturing materials, new and of superior quality, guarantee for a higher wear resistance while the colours, far more brilliant than ever, stay unaltered longer thanks to the new anodization process.

  • The mechanism which regulates the liquid outflow at each “click” of the activator has also been improved and is now smoother offering easier handling and great efficiency for the practitioner as well as more comfort for the patient.

-> Click here to download the INSTRUCTION FOR USE!
  • A very special technical enhancement for the new MEDESYJECT: no rivets are used as fixing components since these are usually subject to wear and get loose easily, MEDESY has developed specific bushings which will ALWAYS stand firm keeping the syringe balanced and stable regardless of prolonged utilization and wear.

Aesthetically the new MEDESYJECT is no doubt far more eye-catching than before but above all technically speaking a far more efficient and durable instrument since its “heart” has been redesigned and equipped with a more precise mechanism. MEDESYJECT, your syringe!



Merry Christmas from MEDESY Team!