Black Version

As we know, the whole world is now experiencing a very strange situation that needs special attention in terms of patient safety. The clinics, today more than ever, need to be bacteriologically contamination-free, guaranteeing the patient’s safety in a protected environment.

MEDESY has decided to be present in this emergency by expanding our range of products according to the need to reduce bacteriological risk. It is with great pleasure that we present the new rubber dam kit in BLACK VERSION.

The DENTAL DAM is used in dental medicine to reduce contamination and to keep the operation area separate and clean. The main function of the dam is to separate the tooth, mainly from the bacteria of the oral cavity and offering an operating field free of blood and saliva. Another function of the dam is to protect the patient’s airways from any material that can be ingested during treatment. Clearly these features are more necessary than ever in a dental practice in terms of prevention.

We must not forget the practical function, that is, the function of isolating the area that needs to be treated. Thanks to the use of the dam, the visibility of the tooth is much clearer and more defined, reducing the risk of injuring cheeks and tongue. This important aspect is now even more evident. The BLACK DAM guarantees color contrast, significantly improving performance.

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