MEDESY gets dressed for the big occasions.

For great performance

The force of carbon, the hardness of a diamond.
Superior wear resistance, efficiency and reliability over time,
DLC is the innovative biocompatible coating
that supports top performances.

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Nasce Nerissimo

Refined in all their details, our best instruments change their look into a new black outfit, thanks to the innovative DLC coating (Diamond Like Carbon). A special biocompatible coating whose unique characteristics ensure superior wear resistance, efficiency and reliability as well as favouring a better visibility during routine operative dentistry.

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Exceptional hardness
For a maximum resistance to abrasion for cutting edge instruments: PERFECT SHARPNESS guaranteed over time.

Low friction coefficient
Provides high fluidity during the procedure. The result is an excellent non-stick coating that prevents materials residues on the surface.

Great endurance
Great endurance to corrosion creating a real barrier against chemical agents.

Unaltered precision
Unaltered precision of the instrument, since the DLC layer bonds and compacts completely with the inox steel.

Optimal biocompatibility
Suitable for the dental procedure as DLC has hypoallergenic proprieties, avoiding medical rejections and tissue damages.

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