We certify that our guerantee covers the whole range of MEDESY instruments.

MEDESY declines all responsibility for the following cases:

1. Damages caused by a misuse of the instrument;

2. Damages caused by a wrong process of cleaning and/or sterilization of the instrument;

3. Damages due to the storage of the instruments in unsuitable locals;

4. Damages caused by the lack of maintenance of the instrument, especially for the jointed ones, which duly need a regular lubrication in the joint parts;


MEDESY warranty excludes defects that are due to normal wear and tear of the products.


For more information about how to correctly maintain, disinfect and sterilize MEDESY instruments:

–> Instructions – Instrument Care

–> WATCH THE VIDEO “MEDESY_ Disinfection and Sterilization Procedures for Dental Instruments”