The innovative line of root elevators that redefines
the standards of ergonomics, precision and safety
during the extraction phase.

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A fresh wind blows!

Solid, light, nonskid and comfortable, the new Maestrale root elevators are designed to offer maximum control in terms of ergonomics, reliability and precision.
Medesy excellence in the palm of your hand.

Lighter and stronger

The handle made of techno polymers, an innovative material with excellent physical-mechanical properties, combines high strength and lightness. Diameter increased by 20% compared to traditional models, it offers a firmer and more functional grip for the same weight, which undoubtedly benefits the dentist.

Intelligence of colour

5 different pastel colours to easily identify the instrument. The coloured part of the handle is softer and non-slip, for a comfortable and secure grip even during the most complex operations.

Ergonomic design

The handle design is the result of a careful ergonomic research. In conjunction with the increased diameter and two different plastic materials, it optimizes grip and increases adherence, ensuring maximum control and precision.

Reliability over time

The tips are permanently inserted into the handle through an advanced production system that ensures strength and tightness during the traction and torsion, features highlighted by the use of techno polymers that guarantee excellent mechanical and thermal resistance.

Medesy quality

Innovative grip and maximum functionality of the active part of the instrument:
Maestrale elevators tips guarantee the effectiveness and durability that has always distinguished our line of extraction instruments.


Maestrale elevators

Innovative materials and high-tech production processes shape unprecedented ergonomic and functional research, tested and optimized in collaboration with dental professionals.
With Maestrale MEDESY redefines the standards of a classic instrument, elevating it in every aspect.

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Maximun control
and safety

With its pastel colours and the iconic ergonomic design, Maestrale brings a line of superior, durable and innovative instruments into the practice that are also extremely comfortable to use and beautiful to see, enhancing the daily experience of dentists and patients.

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