LEVANTE, new born by PININFARINA creative genius, is MEDESY new Line of handles. Like the name of the wind that rises in the central Mediterranean, the cradle of art, thus the new MEDESY Line stems from the place where the most refined Italian Design resides. Like the wind may swiftly turn from a light breeze into an overwhelming force, thus the line LEVANTE provides the most delicate comfort and the most secure grip, thanks to the combination of perfect harmony in the forms and in the selected materials. ELEGANCE, PURITY OF LINES, INNOVATION, distinguishing features and values deeply imprinted in Pininfarina’s DNA were applied also for the approach to our LEVANTE project.


PININFARINA is a design house of international repute, a symbol of Italian style in the world.

With over 80 years of experience, its activities focus on all-around design, product engineering and research.

FERRARI, MASERATI, ROLLS-ROYCE & BENTLEY are among its prestigious customers.

PININFARINA has established itself as a world leader in the car-design and has continued spreading its creative genius to many other sectors, such as nautical, industrial design and architecture; PININFARINA also represents today one of the most prestigious brands, its masterpieces are universally considered as undisputed icons of elegance and purity. Created by PININFARINA are several Ferrari including the 458 Spider, the torch for the 2006 Turin winter Olympics, the control tower for the new airport of Istanbul, the yacht Princess Y85.

BATTISTA “PININ” FARINA: «You ask me what Italian style means. It means sense of proportion, simplicity and harmony of lines, such that after a considerable time, there is still something which is more alive than just a memory of beauty».

SERGIO PININFARINA: «The beauty of the shape is the result of a deep engagement aimed to reach the highest quality and the design is itself the meeting point between shape and technology, taste and functionality. Nothing seems to be more adapt to the so-called Italian genius than this permanent tension to harmonize beauty and functionality».

PAOLO PININFARINA: «Pininfarina has always had the passion for new technologies. Design is the instrument to humanize innovation».


LEVANTE is the perfect expression of the Italian Style: elegance of forms and harmony of proportions, a combination of pure refinement and grace in each single detail.

LEVANTE was created and sculpted in the same way the artist shapes its work of art, finely removing the superfluous elements in search for the essence of pure form. The handle perfectly reflects PININFARINA passion as well as strong expertise in combining elegance of forms with technology, where innovation is indeed humanized by the design originality. LEVANTE reflects a double approach:

  • A distinct Focus on Ergonomics through the valorisation of the materials.
  • A strong resolution to design an ICONIC product.

Pure balance between ergonomic efficiency of the grip and delicate design which emphasizes smooth lines, perfectly fitting the hand palm while holding.

A detailed analysis of available materials on the market, on their surface texture and on their specific features was carried out until a superior type of Silicone was selected. A safe material, certified and approved by FDA, fitting also utilization on alimentary sector. On the ergonomics side an accurate analyse was performed to define the different forces which are required while the dentist hand is holding and using the instrument. Exact data analysis related to the pulling and pushing force and on the rotation capacity, was essential to the creation of a design where the silicone texture increases the grip and maximises the hold of the object even while wearing gloves.

LEVANTE is available in a selection of bright couleurs. The colours specify the exact destination of use, thus facilitating the task of the dental operator.

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