All the quotations and the services offered by Medesy s.r.l. are regulated by the following conditions. Consequently, all previous terms fall into decay.

  • ORDERS: MEDESY will reply to the customer’s enquiry with a Pro-forma Invoice indicating all the items which will result ready for prompt delivery. In case of items which may not be available for prompt delivery these specific products will be retained as back orders and once ready they will be sent to the customer in one of the subsequent deliveries due to him.
  • MINIMUM ORDER: MEDESY does not accept orders under 300€.
  • BACK ORDERS: will be automatically treated as orders to be shipped out as soon as ready in the first available delivery due to him unless the customer once he receives the order confirmation expressly indicates that he wishes to cancel all not available-items and he intends to reorder them later on.
  • PRICES: all prices refer to the single order or to the single quotation; for this reason, they have no retroactive effect and they cannot be applied to future orders. Each order is considered as a new order.
  • TRANSPORT: the transport is at charge of the client. Except than different indicated, Medesy will reserve the possibility to propose the forwarder, place and means of transport that it considers more appropriate. Medesy is not obliged to insure the transport, in case of insurance being included, this would be specifically indicated in the delivery conditions detailed in the quotation.
  • RISK: the risk passes to the buyer with the shipment of the goods, even in the case of partial shipments or in the case of shipments whose costs are undertaken by Medesy.
  • DELIVERY OF THE GOODS: the delivery terms will be considered fulfilled when the goods leave the company within the scheduled delivery. Unforeseeable circumstances and force majeure: Medesy shall not be liable to the Buyer for any breaches, including missed or delayed deliveries, resulting from events beyond its reasonable control or otherwise attributable to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, including, for example, the missed or delayed delivery of processing materials by suppliers, strikes and other union events, acts of terrorism, power failures or transport issues.
  • PARTIAL DELIVERIES: partial deliveries are accepted. Each partial consignment following the first main delivery must be fully paid in advance in accordance to Medesy general sales conditions.
  • PAYMENT: the order is paid through advanced payment or through confirmed and Irrevocable Letter of Credit, except in the case of different written agreements between the two parties.
  • CURRENCY: All payments shall be made in the same currency shown in the price list, except in the case of different written agreements between the parties. If payments are made in a different currency, the buyer shall balance any possible loss of money deriving from exchange rate variations.
  • CONTROL OF GOODS: the buyer is required to control the goods immediately upon receipt and to communicate possible faults or defects in written form to Medesy within and not beyond 8 working days starting from the day of receipt of goods.
  • WARRANTY: The warranty shall be valid only on the products used in suitable environment and for suitable applications in appliance with what has been foreseen at the moment the project has been studied; every improper use of the products is forbidden. The warranty excludes defects that are due to normal wear and tear of the Product.
  • JURISDICTION: Any dispute arising between the parties in connection with the interpretation, validity or performance of the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale and of all the relevant agreements, shall be of the exclusive competence of the referred to the Court of Pordenone.
  • TRADE-MARK: The buyer is required to avoid that his dispositions and actions could interfere with trademark rights of third parts. The buyer relieves Medesy from all possible claim from third parts related to the violation of the abovementioned trademark rights, including all the legal and non-legal charges, and commits himself to undertake them during a possible controversy.
  • EXPORT PROVISIONS: The compliance with and the execution of the legal regulations concerning the trade and the importation of Medesy products outside the Italian territory and all the possible deriving costs (ex. importing permissions/ licenses and certifications) are a charge of the buyer.
  • PROPERTY RIGHT: Medesy has the property right on all the products supplied to the buyer until when the buyer will cancel all his debts. Upon notification, Medesy has the right to withdraw from the contract in the case of delayed payment from the buyer and to claim the return of the delivered goods after the split of the contract.
  • IMAGES PROPERTY: The images of the catalogue and all the information pack remain Medesy property. Medesy reserves the right to modify, if necessary, both their content and their form, at its sole discretion and without giving prior notice.
  • PRODUCTS : The Seller will be entitled to make changes to the product at any moment, due to production needs, provided those changes do not alter the product performance and/or specifications in a substantial way.



We kindly ask you to read carefully the following instructions before handling and using our instruments.

Each MEDESY instrument has been manufactured with great care and professionalism and should be utilized by qualified dental specialized personnel only.

MEDESY provides 3 years guarantee valid from the date of purchase. Within this time frame each single instrument will be replaced free of charge in case of manufacturer defect or malfunction despite the instrument is used in the correct and recommended mode (the product must be returned for evaluation). To ensure a perfect product efficiency carefully follow the disinfection, sterilization and maintenance instructions.

Improper use, lack or poor maintenance will nullify all rights to the Guarantee.



The instrument is supplied ‘NON-STERILE’: it must be properly washed, rinsed and sterilized before any use. We suggest a cleansing made by Ultrasonic-device, if not available, you may also rinse the instruments manually: use a rigid brush with plastic bristles (NO metal bristles) and make sure that you use the proper washing and decontamination solutions.

It is highly recommended to sterilize the instruments only after you have accurately washed them, if the instrument is not perfectly clean, the sterilization may be prejudiced. (We remind you to follow carefully the instructions for use provided by the manufacturer of the sterilization equipment).


a. All the cleaning operations must be exclusively carried out in areas duly equipped and specifically assigned to this purpose.

b. Instruments must be immediately disinfected after each working session, using proper solutions whose effectiveness has been proved. Ensure that you are selecting the correct dosage of the cleaning/decontamination solution, the right washing duration and the optimal temperature. However always follow the instructions given by the equipment manufacturer and by the cleaning solutions producer.

c. Cleaning/disinfectant solutions containing sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) may often cause oxidation or corrosion to the instruments, compromising seriously their performance grade.

d. Cleaning/disinfecting solutions must be changed daily.

e. The best recommended method for a proper washing of the instruments is the ultrasonic cleaning, especially suggested for the joint instruments (ex: pliers, scissors, needle-holders, …). f. DO NOT put aluminium instruments nor titanium instruments in ultrasonic baths since ultrasounds may damage both the material and the colour of the instrument.

f. DO NOT put aluminium instruments nor titanium instruments in ultrasonic baths since ultrasounds may damage both the material and the colour of the instrument.

g. For washing/sterilization do not put together in the same tray instruments made of different metals (ex: common steel with stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, chromed steel, …).

h. For appropriate washing/disinfection all joint and hinged instruments (ex: pliers, scissors, needle-holders, …) should be in the open position, multiple-part devices should be disassembled.

i. Make sure that trays are not overloaded with instruments since this could compromise the washing/disinfection.

j. Possible residuals after the first rinse must be completely removed.

k. It has been proved that the ideal temperature for the final rinsing is between 80°C and 90°C.

l. It is highly recommended to use only demineralized water during the final rinsing, a precaution which prevents the formation of dark stains.

m. To maintain the perfect efficiency of joint instruments, it is necessary to lubricate them regularly with specific products (NEVER USE INDUSTRIAL OILS).

Autoclave sterilization by saturated steam is the most used method nowadays: steam sterilization involves the use of steam under pressure, delivered at a particular temperature for an appropriate time. Based on heat interacting on the thermal exchange with the instrument temperature and on the pressure, it produces an increase of the water evaporation latent heat. For optimal sterilization of instruments, we suggest to proceed by means of humid heat sterilization in an autoclave Class B. For this method of sterilization, a temperature of 134° is recommended for pressure at 2,1 bar and a temperature of 121° for pressure at 1,1 bar. For the instruments sterilized in pouches ensure that the rinsing procedure executed before the sterilization is carefully completed by a full drying cycle, note that water remains inside the sterilizing pouches may cause corrosion or oxidation to the instruments and generate bacteria formation. Sterile products must be preserved in specific storage areas, dry and without dust.


Do not put aluminium and titanium instruments into thermal devices and/or ultrasonic baths. For cleansing these instruments use only substances that are specifically suggested for aluminium and titanium. Note that some solutions are not compatible at all with aluminium nor titanium. (We suggest to use solutions with basic PH between 2 -4).


The lack of observance of the fundamental instructions hereby described can permanently damage the instrument and consequently all right for substitution or reparation under warranty terms will be considered as null and void.

  • Surgery instruments must always be handled with highest care and attention;
  • It is full responsibility and duty of the end-user to take proper care of the instrument;
  • Each instrument is designed for a specific purpose. Using it for other and different scopes can cause damages or defects to the instrument, which may lead to serious injury or even death to patient;
  • All instruments must always be checked and tested before each use. Visible defects, deformations or scratches affect the functioning of the instrument. Therefore the use of defective instruments is strictly forbidden;
  • Damaged or worn instruments must be immediately replaced; any eventual defective instrument can be repaired or replaced by MEDESY only;
  • MEDESY declines all responsibility for any kind of physical damage caused by the use of defected or worn instruments that should have been replaced due to their bad condition;
  • Each MEDESY instrument is carefully checked and inspected before the packaging and delivery, therefore it is free from any manufacturing or functioning defect;

MEDESY declines all responsibility for the following cases:

1. damages caused by a misuse of the instrument;

2. damages caused by a wrong process of cleaning and/or sterilization of the instrument;

3. damages due to the storage of the instruments in unsuitable locals;

4. damages caused by the lack of maintenance of the instrument, especially for the jointed ones, which duly need a regular lubrication in the joint parts. The warranty excludes defects that are due to normal wear and tear of the Product.



1. The purchaser must check the goods immediately after receiving them and report any defect in writing to Medesy.

2. In case of claim about defective instruments, the customer is kindly requested to get in touch with his Medesy contact by email or by fax at +39 (0)427 71541.

3. As a first step the customer is requested to send photos and images of the claimed instruments to activate the evaluation procedures.

4. After evaluation case by case, Medesy may issue a Restocking Number to authorize the return of the instrument; the customer will receive the Customer Complaint Report by e-mail, kindly fill it out and send us back an e-mail copy. The original CCR document must be enclosed in the parcel containing the authorized return goods.

5. The Restocking Number must be clearly written in the parcel containing the instrument and in the cover letter too.

6. In case more than one instrument will be returned with the same Restocking Number, detail of each single instrument is requested.

7. The claimed instruments will be checked and analyzed by Medesy Quality Dept and in case of proved defect, they will be replaced or repaired for free and sent back to the customer with his first available order.

8. In case the Quality Dept. does not detect any defect, no replacement / repair will be carried out and the instruments will be returned to the customer with his first available order.

–> We accept only sales returns authorized by Medesy and accompanied by a Restocking Number. We do not accept returns without such an approval.

–> If the product/or the products have been already used they must return to Medesy STERILE. Unsterile products will be sent back by Medesy without even opening the plastic bag.


1. In case the customer wants to replace some instruments because of mistakes in his order, the customer is kindly requested to specify his need or request by email to his Medesy contact or by fax at +39 (0)427 71541.

2. The customer is kindly requested to communicate his needs and intentions BY and NOT BEYOND 30 days starting from the day of receipt of goods.

3. All need or request will be carefully considered and in case the return is accepted a Restocking Number will be issued.

4. The Restocking Number must be clearly written in the parcel containing the instrument and in the cover letter too.

5. Freight charges to send back the instruments to Medesy are at customer charge.

6. An amount equal to a 25% of the value of the returned instrument will be charged for each return consignment and will be added to the cost of the eventually replacement ordered item. Alternatively, in case the customer will ask for note of credit for the returned item, this credit note will be reduced for the amount covering the 25% of the returned item.

7. The replacement of the instruments will be sent to the customer with the delivery of his first available order.

8. Returns and replacement of goods with personalised markings will NOT be ACCEPTED.


Medesy declines all responsibility for the following cases:

1. damages caused by a misuse of the instrument;

2. damages caused by a wrong process of cleaning and/or sterilization of the instrument;

3. damages caused by the warehousing of the instruments in unsuitable locals;

4. damages caused by the lack of maintenance of the instrument, especially for the jointed ones, needing a regular lubrication in the joint parts.

Medesy supplies all its partners with the suggested ‘Instruction for use’ of the instruments hence all the partners are to be considered fully informed on the matter.

Medesy strongly advises its partners to accurately instruct their own customers by means of extending our information about the maintenance and sterilization of the instruments.

Medesy will NOT replace any instrument which has been damaged by an improper use or wrong sterilization.

For whatever doubt of need of assistance, we remain at your complete disposal at:

Ph: +39 (0)427 72786

fax: +39 (0)427 71541