Dr. Comella & MEDESY

Always committed to the research and development of new dental solutions, Dr. Fabrizio Comella has been working with MEDESY for over 15 years. An important partnership that has led to exclusive patents and the creation of revolutionary instruments.

Creativity, expertise and knowledge of the needs to be answered: these are the characteristics that have rewarded Dr. Fabrizio Comella’s research, a commitment culminating in international patents that have made instruments such as the pliers, the mirror and the spatula, made in partnership with MEDESY, famous. Innovative solutions perfected through years of dental practice and passion for research.
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Dr. F. Comella's Forceps

Dr. F. Comella’s Forceps is the only forceps particularly designed for the extraction of the root fragments from the lower horizontal embedded eighths molars.

Designed to easily reach the posterior area of the oral cavity, it ensures an easier and safer extraction, quick and delicate. Its extremely thin tip is serrated to maintain an excellent grip during the extraction phase, a grip further stabilised by the special ergonomics of the handle.
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Dr. F. Comella's Mirror

It improves the inspection of the oral cavity, soft tissue, anterior and posterior teeth for conservative treatment as its special shape ensure a better control of the soft tissue, better protection of the tongue wall and a larger view of the superior molar and buccal cavity.

Furthermore, the new “drop shape” design gives more light for a better view in the oral cavity.
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F. Comella Spatula

The MEDESY spatula for the dental technician laboratory modeling. Realized 37 years ago from Dr. Fabrizio Comella’s ingenious, it is the same he still uses today, and has been by his side in his professional career. Practical to use, light and easy to handle. The handle is studied to guarantee the maximum comfort during use. Its extremely flexible blade makes it the best spatula ever.
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