Maniago’s talent for blacksmith art expanded to the point that the town is today identified as the “city of knives” by definition. In the last decades the ability and know-how of Maniago’s smiths have been reshaped and adjusted to meet the current needs of modern market: diversification was the key to keep pace with the new market demands and to face the new challenges, hence classic production evolved into highly technological manufacture to fit specific market niches. Nowadays Maniago holds more than one prestigious international record and is considered as reference model for the quality excellence and the huge technological value of its products. Maniago’s manufacturers are worldwide leaders in the following sectors: • Surgical instruments, • Blades for turbines, • Spatulas for fine arts, • Corkscrews of refined design Besides, Maniago’s manufacturers are often winners of prestigious international prizes like “Best Manufacturer” and “Best Product” at the Blade Show in Atlanta USA. Over the centuries working methods changed considerably due to technical developments but in the District of Knives the core values and the engine have remained the same as in the past: a rich know-how coming from its solid historical background and above all the great passion which all these manufacturers still put in their daily activity. Exceptional skill and deep love: a magic combination which charms the world and reflects Maniago’s centenary culture.