Medesy profile

MEDESY is an Italian company manufacturing high quality dental, surgical and orthodontic instruments.

MEDESY is the story of a family. MEDESY is the story of a great passion forged in steel. MEDESY sums up the history of an entire village which has been handling and transforming steel for more than 600 years. At MEDESY fundamental values are passed on from generation to generation: devotion to work, special attention to detail, respect and even self-denial, truly necessary for attaining constant improvements, these are indeed our main drivers. The centennial heritage is the pillar and strength as well as the engine of MEDESY production where each single instrument is the perfect combination between artisanal expertise and technological approach. At MEDESY we all give our best every day, as we all know that just by giving our best we can satisfy our customers providing excellent quality products and dedicated service: we cannot be just good, we must be the best.
New production building
The new building of over 5,000 sqm, which is placed in an area of ​​20,000 square meters is divided into the production department and administrative sector. On the first floor of the building there are located all administrative offices and the second floor is dedicated to an exhibition hall, a conference room for meetings and seminars and one for guests and employees room.
31 March 1380: 600 years ago the chiefs of the most important families of Maniago met to discuss and to take decisions on various matters: among them there was Nicolussio, the first smith of Maniago. During the Middle Ages water had become an essential source of energy since it supplied power to drive mills, sawmills, bellows, spinning-mills and forges. The first anvil started to operate in Maniago thanks to the authorization to canalize into an irrigation ditch the Colvera stream obtained by Count Nicolò of Maniago from the Venetian Republic. Thanks to water which gave power to an increasing number of helve hammers, the smiths’anvil, Maniago’s blacksmiths increased their production and became more skilled day by day: at the beginning it was mostly tools related to agrarian work, such as ploughshares, axes and scythes, afterwards the technique rapidly progressed and specialized into what was later renowned as ‘the smiths’art & craft workshop’. During the XVI century the blacksmiths of Maniago were able to produce also products of very great prestige, such as the arms for the Venetian Republic. Nowadays the excellent ability of these skilled craftsmen is renowned even in Hollywood where the tool-creations of Maniago were used for many movies, such as Braveheart, Robin Hood and The Lord of the Rings The craft workshop appeared to satisfy a new demand of working tools increasingly small in size and dedicated to specific uses, such as pocket-knifes, scissors and surgical instruments. These new small tools had to be extremely precise and also have a nice design: precision and esthetical style defined the new production parameters of the smiths then called ‘fâvri da fin’. The work of smiths became so predominant as to further increase the importance of Maniago; since then the town has been renowned as ‘the city of the cutleries’. As iron was not easily available on the territory, Maniago smiths preferred to focus on the concept of highest quality rather than on quantity and developed a superior technique: Maniago’s products were indeed of a higher quality if compared with the production of other Countries. At the beginning of the XX Century metals started to be transformed into tools indispensable for surgery and agriculture: incandescent iron was wrought and shaped into rough tools which were then finished into wellrefined instruments by skillful hands. In the 70s the introduction of modern specific and precise machines brought about a huge increase in the overall production, Maniago was dynamic and blooming with more than 200 artisanal firms, 15 medium size enterprises and 4 industries. The new technologies paved the way to a diversification and specialization of the production to include other products in addition to classic knives such as dental and surgical instruments, scissors and shears, kitchenware, corkscrews, potato-peelers, sports and sub knives, turbine-engine blades, fine arts spatulas and many more. In those years Maniago supplied the German Federal Republic Army with more than 380.000 pocket knives.
Unicredit awards Medesy

The prize “OK Italia” by Unicredit, one
of Europe’s most prestigious commercial
banks, is a very prestigious business
award given to Italian manufacturing
companies, not just belonging to the dental
sector, in recognition of their outstanding
achievement in International Trade.
Medesy has been awarded the Price
“ITALIA OK” 2013 Edition.


The entire Medesy team is daily committed
to provide not just the best quality products
but takes pleasure in looking after all its
customers with a personalized attention and
punctual pre and post sales-service.
All our operations are aimed to optimize the
customer satisfaction of our partners, with whom
Medesy is dedicated to build an increasingly close
partnership based on mutual trust and commitment.


Nowadays Medesy is firmly present and
appreciated in more than 105 international
markets for the excellent quality of its products
refined in all the details, from a technical
point of view and in terms of design.

International fairs
30 Annual attendance

Every year Medesy actively participates to more
than 30 international exhibitions and scientific
congresses, autonomously as Medesy trademark
or in support of the activity of its precious
partners during national dental events.

Oriented to the future

Staying anchored to the values of the past
but also oriented to the future, Medesy
has adopted modern means of marketing
and communication which facilitate the
development of better relations and close
partnerships with its customers.
Thanks to the new communication strategies
and to the continuous launch of new products,
presented in an unique and prestigious
packaging, Medesy is considered one of the
most dynamic companies in the dental field,
most sensitive to the demands of an increasingly
specialist market and fast-reacting to the request
for innovation and for superior quality standards.

Our research

From a daily contact with our customers and the
special attention we confer to our partners’ needs
we draw the motivations and the suggestions
to keep on improving our instruments with the
purpose of facilitating the techniques and the
daily tasks of dental practitioners. Medesy works
in close cooperation with opinion leaders and
professors of worldwide universities in order
to design and produce the best innovative
instruments, such as Dr. F. Comella’s drop shape
mirror, the new Gracey curette with Dalila handle
and titanium tips or the Ring Lock scissors
We are constantly working on the
research and development of:
• New instruments
• New materials
• Different surface treatments
• New surgical techniques
The huge investments on last generation
technological machineries as well as the opening
of a new production factory prove the great
ambition and strong will of Medesy Management
to keep on improving the Quality Standard.