A passion forged in steel

MEDESY is an Italian company specialized in the production of high-quality dental instruments and dental equipment. MEDESY is the story of a family and a passion forged in the steel of Maniago, which has been an internationally recognized reference point for the production of blades for 600 years. MEDESY is the perfect combination of this centuries-old artisan tradition combined with the constant development of innovative solutions in terms of design, ergonomics, and functionality.

Our values

Competence, care, and dedication are the values ​​that for three generations have guided our commitment and orientated the relationship with our customers. At MEDESY we create excellent solutions to meet the needs of the most up-to-date dental techniques, enhancing the work of professionals and the health of their patients.

MEDESY instruments are the concrete expression of our values, a constellation that guides our commitment and allows us to guarantee unique quality, assistance, and performance on the market.

High Quality

Selected raw materials, know-how and workmanship of excellence: each MEDESY tool is born from the will and ability to give the best.


Constant research and development to create increasingly advanced and complete solutions, able to best meet every specific need.

Our future


Founded and led by the Ghezzi family, MEDESY is today a large company made up of many  collaborators sharing the same family values and who, with their constant commitment keep on enhancing and increasing the brand popularity worldwide day by day.


Skills, experiences, and creativity shared to achieve one major goal together: to guarantee the customer the best in every aspect.

Made in Italy

Design, creativity, and tailoring care: in MEDESY beats a generous Italian heart appreciated all over the world.

600 years of tradition

Each MEDESY product is the result of the centuries-old artisan and cultural heritage of Maniago, an international reference point in steel processing.

Our history

Service and Assistance

We support our customers in a dialogue based on listening, competence, and flexibility: a relationship that today more than ever represents a very important added value.

Ethics & Sustainability

We believe in ethical and sustainable development, which is why we are committed to protecting the environment and improving people’s well-being.

Our commitment

Medesy in the World

Our numbers


the high-quality tools produced.


years of tradition.


the generations of the Ghezzi family at the helm of the company.


the countries in the world where we are present.


an entire district of companies that with their specific skills bring know-how in every single production phase.


the international fairs we participate in every year.