The innovative line of root elevators that redefines
the standards of ergonomics, precision and safety
during the extraction phase.

A new wind blows!

Even more firm, light,
non-slip, reliable and comfortable…

Selected raw materials

and high technologically advanced processes
for unprecedented ergonomics and functionality.


The strength of the carbon, the hardness of the diamond.
Discover the new line of MEDESY instruments with DLC
(Diamond Like Carbon) coating.

Our tradition is the best guarantee

MEDESY is the embodiment of the huge
know-how spread over 6 centuries
of Maniago smiths’art.

Our history

Solutions for dentistry

Our response to the needs of the various disciplines and the latest dental techniques.

Best sellers

Design, quality materials and excellent workmanship, check out our most requested instruments.

Silicone mouth gag
Blade Beaks tooth forceps
Mayo-Hegar needle holder


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Medesy today

Our centuries-old art of steel processing meets the ability to keep up with innovation to support the commitment of professionals and ensure safety to their patients.
Find out who we are and what makes us unique.

About us

Dental dam kit, black version!

From now on our rubber dam kit is also available with the dam in BLACK color and the GAMMAFIX cassette with coordinated silicone inserts. Efficiency and safety in every intervention!

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